Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back on Track - Moving in

It has been a while and a few things have changed,
Let me start. 

As I hinted, or even teased previously, I ventured to Japan. 

It was a completely unique trip and I am not saying that lightly. I ended up in a mad, yet amazingly fantastic predicament provided to me by a friend.
I spent a month living in the center of Tokyo. 

So after touching down in Narita Airport, it was time to be tracked down and take a not so average mode of transport to the apartment.

On the road, obviously car spotting. First up, M3. 

Once we arrived, it was time to buy a bed. Once I had done that it was time for a sleep in preparation for my first night in Tokyo.. Or was it? 
Couple of e-mails later, I was on my way to meet a friend and go to the Toyota Saloon. 

More car spotting.. As I own a 180sx, it was great to see find one within 5 minutes.
Then a R34 GTR.


First meal in Tokyo? - Mc Donalds. Cheap, Quick and served with Fanta Grape.

Went to the Toyota Saloon, forgot my camera, but managed to get a few snaps. 
It was around the time of the 86 release there was a lot on show, kits, parts and upgrades. 
Modellista and TRD being the main contributors. 
I had a good look around at all the body options, trim options, TRD performance parts and got to see everything about the 86 including a cut away of the boxxer engine.

From here we had a look around and then it was time to go back and get ready for my first night out in Tokyo. I Was not dissapointed. 

My apartment was about 5 minutes walk form here, the middle of Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku.  

Any Saturday evening I had free I tired to grab a few 'Chu-hi' or beer and watch the Daiko traffic pass as the joined the expressway to continue onto their final destination.
Highlight: Yellow R32 throwing it out the wastegate as it flew past. 

From here all I knew was that I would be heading to Tsukuba in two days time, 
The Drift Muscle. 

Check in again and hopefully I can give you a taste of what it is like to hit up an event in Japan. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I Went to FUCKING Japan

I have not given this blog fuck all.
So scratch that, lets start fresh.
Was working over Summer
 and was I fuck going back to Uni without going somwhere or doing somthing!
So, I went and booked a flight to Japan. 3 weeks later I landed in Narita Airport. 


Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Times passes, somethings (such as this Blog) don't really get the updates they should.
So now that I am a student in Univeristy, 01:37 am sounds like a good time to start...

I've had this car almost a year and a half, being the slow/cheap person I am, progress turns into such a laid back word.

Anyways.... a long time ago I did a bit of this...

Then 'progress' decided it wanted to die for a bit... I continued to pick up 'appropriate bargins' as they came along, on of which was a '180sx rear + G-Grow Rear Lip'.

As a general focus, I would love to keep my 'car style' close to a 90's theme, focusing on a 'Clean retro' sort of vibe.

In my opinion, that's where it's at.!

I also picked up some very sought after OEM 'chucki' sideskirts, this is a change from what the car originally had which were 'kouki' items.

Excuse the terrible offset/width and state of the rear 'skid me please' rims. I have the Fitment sorted! Watch this Space....!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A year has passed, mornings happened, self funding doesn't work.

So, its been basically a year since I bought this car... People often ask 'How is the car getting on, are you finished it yet?', to which the response is,... When did I start? Ha.

I havent turned 18 long, and with everything else going on its not easy obtaining 'disposable income', this is exaggerated when your family have zero interest in it.
Parents who make you pay for everything does not help towards the cause...

Anyways..... Ive only done small things, and pretty much just been messing and doing nothing at all;

Here are the highlights! ^.^ Enjoy! #

Winter... Doing nothing. Rien. Nil. Zilch.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Had a few pound...

Was up at local Nissan dealers/Part shop as father was getting stuff for the van. So being a S-body lover, it was only natural to divert from my dad and run over to the parts section and annoy the staff...So, its an S13.. but not a UK one, but it has the SR 2.0 ltr engine in it, but its not the same as the UK S14/a 2.0 ltr engine, but its the same body as the UK S13.... Its a 180sx, not a 200sx....
Its the same as the pulsar GTIR! but its in a S13....
Anyways.....This went on for quite a while, so eventually they were keen enough to keep the faith.
I ended up finding out which oil filter I needed, and they were so sound, they even added the chassis/engine code for future reference.

Had a few bob, so picked up this....

Time to get stuck in! (Thanks friends) ^.^

Ok, so after absolutely destroying my driveway (its quite a long one, with room for a transition when changing into second) it was time to get cracking on the car. My aim is to tidy it up and try restore it to a shadow of its former glory before I wreck it on track.

Few things are.. erm.. just not working,.. Right indicator stalk doesnt turn lights on, tacho doesn't function, fronts need spacing as they are rubbing the coilover, needs MOAR low! Oh, and needs new rubber all round,...I don't have to explain.

As I was starting from scratch, I had to purchase all my tools, parts, bits and bobs,... Which after buying the car with my own money at 17, is a tough task.
The fuel light has only been off twice....

First things first!.... exam weather... BOYS! Bita Help! Let's Go!

Strip! Sound deadening out, ta fuck!

Thanks lads, have to get you all out in the Touge Missile!

(Glimpse post) I love touge... So much!

Small video, as part of my 'Glimpse post' teaser series.